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"I recently bought the new Onyko TX-NR1009 receiver from Edward and Connec Inc. It was replacing my 10 year old Denon 3801 that did not have the newer HD audio decoding for blu-ray. The Onkyo is great so far. The color coding on the back for the speaker hook-up was really helpful. The set-up for the speaker configuration was a breeze with the included Audyessy MultEQ XT calibration feature. Blu-rays never sounded better. My Samsung blu-ray player had the 7.1 external audio out, which went into 7.1 analog inputs on the Denon, but the set-up with the Onkyo is much clearer and louder. It also freed up all the clutter from the audio wires. I haven't tried out the new 9.1 set-up, but hope to in the future."

"The up conversion on video looks great too. There's some updates that need to be downloaded and installed, and they take about an hour. I was worried about the Onkyo running hot, since I've read that is an issue with Onkyo's, but it's not near as hot as I thought it would be (it runs much, much cooler than the original Macbook pro computer I have)."

"The service from Connec (Edward and Sharon) was great as well! They kept me informed via e-mail on the progress of the order and shipment. I hope to use him in the future to install my custom home theater system in my new house. It was a pleasure doing business with Connec Inc.! Thanks again!"

"I am a resident of CrossRidge and had my surround sound system installed by Connec, Inc. The timely response to any inquiry and the professionalism exhibited by the company is commendable. I am definitely a "satisfied customer."

"The entire Connec Team was extremely knowledgeable and responsive. Their work was neat and efficient. Their products were state of the art. We thoroughly enjoy our system!"
Jim Campbell

"Connec installed my home audio systems in my new home. They were very knowledgeable about the industry and very helpful in directing me with my home audio needs. I was extremely satisfied with their work. Shortly after moving in our new home, we decided to extend the number of televisions in our home. Connec met our needs again and finished the work with an A++ rating. Thanks again."
Bryant Cyrus

"As retirees, we travel frequently and knowing that our home is protected by our Connec security system gives us a great peace of mind and adds enjoyment to our travels."
Beth C., Mechanicsville

"For new install or upgrade I would use Connec, Inc. first. If I make a mistake with my remote, I can call and it will be solved. No problem with TV to computer."

"Connec was very helpful in the instruction of operation of our systems. Very knowledgeable in all work areas. Best in the business."
Lisa H

"Connec always returned calls and kept appointments on time. Connec was very patient with us as we learned how to use our new remote and new TV. The technical personnel were very good and finished the work in a timely fashion."
Lois L., Glen Allen, VA

"Connec personnel are very knowledgeable and proficient."
Jim E., Glen Allen, VA

I had a very pleasurable experience with Connec, Inc. They worked with me to understand what I wanted in my house and provided valuable information on the latest products being released to the market. Whenever I had questions about anything, they always answered them and responded in a timely manner. Their employees were very professional and were willing to address any concerns that I had. Working with Ed and Sharon, my equipment was successfully installed with no issues and I have been completely satisfied."

"I would do business with Connec, Inc. again and would recommend them to anyone in the future."
Thank you, Kendrick Best

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