Structured Wiring and Home Automation Services

Connec, Inc. can "Simplify Your Life" by enabling, Audio, Video, Telephone, Data, Security, and Communications in every room in the home. Structured Wiring is the backbone to your homes communication & entertainment systems. Without it you will not experience the true quality today's high tech equipment or systems will produce. It is now commonly referred to as being the fourth utility. It's no longer an option; it's a necessity for today and tomorrow's technology!

System Components:

A panel box, similar, to the electrical service box which distributes the home's AC wiring, serves as the structured wiring's "nerve center." It typically will contain modules for networking voice, data, video, and audio signals in the home - as well as modules which interface with other home systems (such as a thermostat or the security control system). High-capacity cabling, including unshielded twisted copper pairs (UTP) and coaxial cable, is run from the panel box to strategically placed, audio, video, phone, and data jacks mounted in wall plates throughout the home. Unlike AC wiring, which is daisy-chained or run in a parallel fashion, individual cables are home run from each wall plate directly back to the panel box.

With Connec's help, any home can be equipped to take advantage of today's advanced technologies. For instance, structured wiring can allow you to:

  • Play music in one room or throughout the house
  • Connect multiple computers to one internet connection
  • Network all the computers in the house to share files, software and hardware such as printers, scanners and fax machines
  • Close the garage, unlock the door, turn on the kitchen light, from one handheld remote
  • Turn up the heat, turn down the lights, turn off the music, all from one master control panel
  • Manage multiple phone lines
  • Run a Blu-Ray on one player and watch it on any TV in the house

Our professional designers and installers are specialists with years of structured wiring experience. Whether we are working as a subcontractor in the construction of a new home or addition, or installing a system or upgrade for a private client, our approach is always the same.
That is:

  • Listen carefully to each client's needs
  • Offer suggestions that may increase system efficiency, decrease short- and long- term costs, and add flexibility for future system upgrades
  • Provide accurate estimates
  • Minimize installation disorder
  • Use only the highest-quality, industry approved hardware and components
  • Comply with all local codes
  • Complete each job in a timely manner; leave every installation site neat and clean

Let Connec, Inc. "Simplify Your Life" by calling 804-798-9081 or sending us an e-mail here today!

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